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Best selling QJB type Submersible Mixer or Submersible Diving Agitator and submersible low-speed propeller for water Treatment

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Qjb submersible mixer and  agitators are able to be located at any position. They have the best efficiency. They are widely used in waste water treatment plants and industry process to agitate the suspended substances contained water, watery slurry, icy water, liquid from industry process, roast liquid, etc. They can be also used to create water flow in the tank, to open up water channel, to oxygenate fishing pound, to prevent pound form icing.


1.Compact structure,small volume,light weight, easy operation maintenance,fast installation,long service life etc.

2.The blade has the self-cleaning function, can prevent sundries wind,blocking

3.Can combine with aeration system to make energy reduced greatly, greatly increase oxygen volume, effective prevent sediment.

4.Motor winding is F grade insulation, protection grade is IP68.

5.All fastener is stainless steel.



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